Sunday, 28 September 2014

This week was about making things....

This week we made two awesome recipes.  We learned about the importance of following instructions.  There was discussion on the purpose for writing instructions and the different reasons that we have them.  Mme found out that if you do not watch something in the oven it might burn.  
On Wednesday we made PLAYDOH with the help of Mme Farr.  We made this so that when we are doing word work we can have another tool to use to make words.  Our playdoh smells REALLY good because we used Koolaide to make the color.

Here we are making words using the Playdoh we made, WIKI sticks and letter tiles. 

 Friday Mme brought apples from her aunts apple tree.  With the help of Mme Gill we peeled and sliced the apples with an apple peeler.  Then we cut up the slices into smaller pieces with a knife.  We were very careful when we did this.  Mme Boychuk helped us make the topping of the apple crisp.  We talk about measurements and how 3/4 was smaller then 1 cup.  
We went to gym and then to recess.  When we came back it was ready... a little burnt... but it tasted INCREDIBLE!

What is your favorite recipe to make? Who do you like to make it with? 

This week was incredible because:
1.  We found out who our kinder buddies are.
2.  The class watched the opening ceremonies for the Human Rights Museum.
3.  We started to read the book BFG and are discussing making our own giants.
4.  Every day this week was colour day.  We dressed in a different colour every day.
5.  We got to learn the different way we are smart.
6.  Our teacher is starting a TED-ED club.
This week was definitely busy and incredibly fun!

Sunday, 14 September 2014


This blog is designed for you to have an eye into our classroom. Please leave comments.  We love to read them together. Students will be responsible for blogging throughout the week.   

We have completed one full week of school.  It sure was busy with us establishing routines and creating a positive class climate.  
We even went on a field trip.  
Our class with all of the other grade 3 and 4 students participated in a Peace Walk to kick off PEACE WEEK.  The walk took place at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights.  WE learned a song that we sang while we were walking.  After that we exchanged messages of peace with a students from other schools.  We then ate lunch, had some fun at a park and then headed back to the school.  It sure was a great time.  

Make sure you come back and see the INCREDIBLE things that we are doing and learning!