Friday, 22 May 2015

TUSC JOBS for week of June 8

Chairperson:  Alexander   Sophie

"Best story ever"  News Report:  Bailee   Jarrett

Book Critic:  Alexis

Biographer:  Andrew

Scientist: Adam

Weather/Environmentalist:  Thomas  Ariel

Movie critic:  Jordyn     Wyatt
Historian:  Teagan      Sara

Zoo Keeper/Animal Expert:  Antun     Veronica

Angry Chef:   Liam      Lucas

Commercial/ Riddle/ Jokes:   Ben    Sam

Travel Agent:  Ethan   Rowen

If you knew me:  Declan    Reese

Take the....:  Brady     Gaby

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Beyond the Laughing Sky Book Trailers.

We recently read the book Beyond the Laughing Sky written by Michelle Cuevas.  This was a great read and the students and I really enjoyed it.  It speaks to both acceptance and believing, which I feel is such an important part of our world.  Below are book trailers that my students created.  ENJOY!