Monday, 26 October 2015


Today in math we had a guest. Her name was Dr Math. We learned a bunch of new things:

Keaton learned that there are numbers before zero. 
 Cassie learned how to multiply numbers. 
Alex learned that in the number 5 there is also the numbers 1,2,3 and 4.
 Kendra learned about 1/2 numbers and lots of other math. 
Carter G learned how to write numbers in column form. 
Kadence learned what multiplicative form is.
 Nealla learned how to multiply numbers. 
 Ellie learned that you can use your fingers for different numbers, if you show 11 fingers you show 10 and then you show 1. 
 Ryden learned that T stands for 10 
Kendall learned that in math T can stand for 10 and O can stand for 1. 
Pavit learned how to write numbers in expanded form.
 Slayter learned how to subtract.

Here is a short video.....

 We had so much fun learning math with DR MATH and we sure hope she comes back to visit again.

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