Friday, 12 May 2017

The Seed Survivor Truck

Today the Seed Survivor truck came to our school.  We spent two periods exploring and learning about seeds and soil.  
In the truck there are a lot of different interactive games that we could play with that helped us learn about soils and plants. 
There was a demonstration of how the water cycle worked.  

We also learned how clay and sand are not so good for growing plants.  Plants need phosphates to grow and we learned that this has come from crushed fossils.  We also learned the percentage of water that covers the earth, which is 70%.  Only 7% of the earth produces food.  

Here are some things that we liked

MADY and BROOKE: We both liked how we got to play the games in the truck.
AUBRIE and AMANDA: We both liked planting the sunflower plant.
CHASE and JACK: We both liked the activities, the presentation and playing inside the trailer. 
ERIK and JOEL: We both liked learning stuff that we did not know. 
MICHAEL: I liked learning that there is only 7% of the earth produces food.
ABANY: I liked everything.
ALEXANDER: I liked how we got to learn about seeds and soil.
CHLOIE: I liked the mini screen/slide show that you could control inside the trailer. 
YUNA: I liked that the games were about plants and they were really fun. 
ETHAN: I like planting our own plants.
DIEGO: I liked how we got to learn about plants soil. 


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