Tuesday, 7 March 2017


Today we learned about the teaching of COURAGE.  COURAGE is when you are scared of something but then you try it.  Laina explains that you could have a knot in your stomach or butterflies but you try to do what you are scared of anyways.  Michael tells us that after you do something that you are scared of you feel good and proud of yourself.  The BEAR is the animal that represents courage. 

We shared an experience in which we had to have COURAGE.  

Then, Pam read us the book called Little Tree by Loren Long.  In the book the tree was afraid to let go of his leaves.  He did not grow.  He finally had the  COURAGE to do this and then he grew.

After the book we created our own trees, we will continue with these in the coming days. We are excited to see what the next steps are. 

We closed our circle with a crystal that Chase brought to school to share with us. 

Today Alexander liked the tree activity that we did today.
Joel liked the rock that Chase brought. 
Diego liked learning about COURAGE.
Chloie liked when Pam read us the book. 
Amanda like that the tree had COURAGE in the book. 

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