Wednesday, 8 March 2017


Today in our Talking Circle we talked about HONESTY AND TRUTH.  Pam explained that HONESTY comes from within us and TRUTH is what we tell.  Then we talked about rules.  Pam opened our conversation with telling us that some rules do not make sense.  

Some of the rules we talked about are:
Hands and feet to ourselves: Sometimes we want to give a person a hug or help them but if we cannot touch them, how do we do this.  Even giving them a HIGH FIVE would be breaking this rule.

We are not allowed to talk about birthdays: Sometimes not everyone in class can be invited.  We do not want to hurt others feelings.  M Gomes,  Mme Boychuk and Pam were surprised by the rule, because sometimes we cannot all be invited to events.  This teaches us that it is ok to be jealous. 

If you get a low mark on your report card you lose privileges: Mme explained that sometimes low marks are not a result of us not trying.  Sometimes we tried are very best but we just have not reached the bar yet.  

Today Chloie liked that we got to talk about rules that we don't like, because she never gets to talk about rules.
Brooke liked that Yuna brought in a rock to close our circle. 
Michael liked that we got to talk about honesty and truth.

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