Thursday, 16 March 2017


Today we reflected on the learning that we had done with Pam over the past 3 weeks.  WE LOVED having Pam join our family.  We learned so much about each other during our talking circles. 

Joel: "I had a lot of fun during the times that Pam came to our class. I learned about how when you take from Mother Earth you need to give something in return."
Laina: "It was really educational and the things I learned about the most were how to smudge and the 7 Sacred Teachings."
Aaron: "I liked when we got to smudge and learn about the 7 Sacred teaching.  I also like sharing the book we made with Pam."
Ethan: "I liked when we smudged and ate the bannock. I also liked learning about the 7 Sacred teachings."
Alexander: "I liked when we got to eat Bannock and learning about the 7 Teachings."
Abbey: "I liked that we got to smudge and that Pam brought us bannock."
Abany: I like everything and my favorite part was the smudging and the bannock."
Amanda: "I liked everything and mostly I liked learning about all the things in the Indigenous culture."
Chloie:"I liked everything, especially eating bannock."
Mady: "I liked when she brought a bunch of things and we got to learn about them."
Diego:"I liked that we got to learn about the 7 Sacred Teachings and also making the crafts."
Raine: "I liked when she brought her turtle shell."
Michael: "I liked when we got to make the trees, have bannock and smudging."
Brooke: "I liked when she read books to us and my favorite one was Shi-shi-etko."
Erik: "I liked when she brought sage and when she read us all of the books."

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  1. This was fantastic! I loved hearing about all of the stuff you all learned about. What a great opportunity!